About Us

Handmade Leather Ballerinas. We want you to Dance!

Combining ballet, design, and a free life style, LE LOUP (from french “The Wolf”) borns in 2011, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the idea of reinventing classic ballerina shoes, turning to innovative handmade 100% leather models, offering something really different.


We look for inspiration through music, films and art, with strong influence of style icons, and Cinema Golden Age referents, such as Audrey Hepburn, Briggite Bardot and Lauren Bacall.
David Bowie is always present in every collection, through colors or names that identify his musical and cinematographic career.
We also get inspiration travelling all around the world, with a free life style, socially and culturally opened.


The proposal is very versatile. All of our products are designed for any look and situation, thought for day and night, for work or a party, for travelling and walking (a lot… such a confortable fit allows it).
Le Loup presents exclusive and unique designs with all the details, appliances, with a very meticulous handmade process, with lot of energy and accents.
It is usual to promote alliances with well known style designers, such as Jessica Trosman, in order to créate innovative prints and appliances.
Our iconic model is “GEMMA”, with a perfect fit, with a simple design but a complex manufacture process. A urban model, created from a classic ballet shoe.


Our ballerina shoes are a registered industrial model. We constantly search for innovation, both through the implementation of new materials and processes.
We have a clear concept of quality, and that is why we use very fine materials. Each shoe is cut, skived, stitched and sewn by hand. We use the best Argentine leathers, combining different variants.
The result: an outstanding return rate and fidelity of our customers.


In our manufacturing process we are very commited to taking care of the environment. In this direction, we carefully select our suppliers, and leathers specifically tanned with vegetables, no with metals.
We are also in the process of launching a new entirely recycled paperboard packaging. Currently, our products leave the Factory in textile bags made with industrial textile waste, what explains the color variety.


Le Loup is a Company that is exponentially growing, but without forgetting its intrinsic values: not to go behind massive consumption, neither behind the rythm impossed by fashion, but to do create shoes that customers fall in love with.
All Le Loup staff believe that transparency and honesty in businesses is, and will be a key factor in incoming colaborative economy. Our business model is based in sustainable development, considering the creation of social an enviromental values, transversely at each stage of the processes.

We hope you enjoy Le Loup!